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I’m not due to leave for Africa for another 13 10 3 (agghh) weeks but as I now consider myself borderline obsessive when it comes to this trip and anything remotely travel related, I have decided to start my blog ridiculously early in preparation for what’s to come.

Whenever I have travelled in the past, I’ve always had a mental bucket list of things I hope to see and do when on the road. Visit the Colosseum in Italy, tick. Climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris, tick. Avoid eating dog in China.. I don’t think I’ll ever know if I can cross that one off.

So instead of having a mental bucket list, I thought this would be the perfect forum to write it down. Here is my list (so far) of the things I hope to achieve on my journey from Africa to Ecuador. I’m sure I will be adding to it as I go along.


#1. See, and capture awesome photo of at least one of the ‘Big Five’ in Africa. Would be happy with a lion or rhino. Less impressed with a water buffalo. DONE. In fact I saw the big 5 many times over, and captured said photos of all of them.

#2. Lose at least 5 kilograms in Nairobi, in preparation for the weight I know I will gain stuffing my face in Mexico for 3 months. DONE. I’m not sure how much weight I lost in Nairobi, but 7 months into this trip and I’ve only just found some scales. I’ve lost 25 kilos since leaving home.. 5 kilo.. pfftt… in your face.

#3. Take a cooking class (or 10) in Mexico. Enough said really !! – NOT DONE. 3 months in Mexico and I didn’t get around to it.. Oh well, another excuse to go back perhaps.

#4. Visit the amazingly beautiful Perito Moreno Glaciers in Argentina.

#5. Get completely out of my comfort zone at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Feb 2013.

#6. Try not to kill anybody on my 56 day camping trip from Kenya to Cape Town. DONE. In fact I loved everyone I met on my tour.. No deaths, not even any threatened deaths.

#7. Try not to kill anybody on my 46 day camping trip from Brazil to Chile.

#8. Try to figure out why I would arrange to do two massive camping trips when I’m not the biggest camping fan.

#9. Have a proper conversation in Spanish. Currently my Spanish abilities consist of hello, goodbye, thanks, how are you, good, very good and where do you live. That’s not going to get me very far.  DONE. Although I’m far from fluent, I can carry my own.

#10. Participate in at least one tango class in Beunos Aires, Argentina.

#11. Try not to fall too in love with the kids I’ll be teaching and working with during my volunteering, and refrain at all costs from attempting to adopt any. NOT REALLY DONE. I did fall very in love with the kids, and had many thoughts of adoption.

#12. Complete the looooong, haaaaard trek through the jungle in Uganda to see the gorillas. DONE. Although, I did manage to fall and break my ankle 1 hour into the 8 hour trek. I didn’t know it at the time however. I did the whole thing, and yes we saw gorillas.

     12.1 Try not to pass out from massive trek – AHHH DONE

     12.2 Try not to be eaten by said gorillas – DONE, although it was touch and go at various points throughout the trek.

#13. Don’t get robbed, stabbed, kidnapped, caught up in a drug war or have my limbs stolen from me and sold on the black market.

#14. Enjoy copious amounts of the amazing food that Africa and Latin America has to offer, without putting any weight on… ah!  DONE AND DUSTED

#15. Have a friggin’ awesome time. SO FAR SO GOOD


Comments on: "THE BUCKET LIST" (4)

  1. I have to say wow!!! i am jealous i have traveled but nothing like this!!! Hope you have a great year! also my small suggestion you might want to make this a non url because i can see this site becoming amazing with all your travel posts!

  2. Thanks Abdul. I’m really excited about the year ahead. I’m not entirely sure which direction I want to take my blog as yet, particularly because I’m very new to blogging and I’m not even sure if people will read it yet. So thanks for your comment, it means a lot to me.

  3. I did volunteering with kids and I do want to adopt them all now;) Great List!

  4. Thanks. Yes that’s what I’m afraid of too. All my friends keep telling me they expect me to come home with a little African bubba on my hip.. stay posted for that.

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