Follow me as I blog my way through 12 months of travel, 20 countries, 2 volunteer programs, 44,000 miles, over 20 flights, countless chicken bus rides and 365 wonderful work-free days.

For me, travelling is so much more than seeing the sites and getting photo’s of yourself in front of something cool. Amongst other things, food ranks very highly on my to do list while abroad. Mainly, eating it.

I love food. Who doesn’t? but for me it’s about discovering food that you don’t get at home. It’s the condensed milk pancakes, or the pizza slice as big as your head (or your arse depending on how many you eat), it’s the spices and the flavours, and sadly so it’s the discovery of bulk bags of peanut butter cups.. a good thing they don’t sell them at home. 

So you guessed it, this Top 10 List is about food. As mentioned in a previous post, these 10 foods I would happily chop off my arm to be able to eat again.   

10. Coconut Shrimp (Las Vegas, Nevada) – Enough said really. Try it.  

9. Burrito with chips (Lyon, France) – I have to explain this one. It wasn’t just any burrito, this was the king of burritos. Big, tasty and loaded with chips and aioli on top. yuuummmm.  

8. Cashew Chicken (Bangkok, Thailand) – We have this in Australia, but nothing compares to the real thing.

7. Fat Burger (America) – Fat Burger is actually the name of the restaurant. It’s very similar to a regular McDonald’s or Burger King burger, but SO much better. Try one, or ten, I won’t judge.

6. Cheese Pizza (New York City) – Who goes to NYC without trying pizza? Not me. I love cheese pizza but there is a shop on every corner offering an endless amount of toppings. mmmm cheesy goodness.

5. Traditional Sunday Roast (London, England) – Maybe it’s because this dish reminded me of home, but I used to love the traditional pub roasts, and it didn’t even have to be a Sunday to eat one.  

4. Gelati (anywhere in Italy) – We found a quaint little shop in Venice that sold the best gelati, although they sell it all over Italy. Careful, it’s addictive.  

3. Condensed Milk Fried Pancakes (Luang Prabang, Thailand) – Not only do these taste great but you get to watch them make them in front of you. I loved these and think about them often, like a long lost friend.

2. Hurricanes (New Orleans) – Not a food exactly, well not a food at all, although by the time you’ve gotten through one, you won’t need dinner. This drink has something like 5 different types of alcohol in it so you only need one. Can you say hangover? 

1. Food (China) – We call it Chinese food, though I’m sure in China they just call it food. Without a doubt, anything I ate in China, I LOVED LOVED LOVED. I would go back just for the food alone.  


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